Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Affirmation Box

I am rethinking my blog. Again.  I always over think it and it never gets done. My life has taken a turn. Again.  I think I am ready to write just whatever the F*ck I want.

Today, I decided to start a Affirmation Box on my Cell.  I will write out an Affirmation on a piece of Paper because that is what feels real to me right now.  Then, I will take a pic and add it to an album on my phone called Affirmation Box.  Now I am starting to thing I will just use Pronto an online tool to create the affirmations and save paper.  I will think on that a little more and let you know. :-) Ok, someone tell me how to add emoji's to my blog.  Oh, guess what 😃, I took intuitive and found it.  Anyway, he's my first Affirmation

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